Find your next area of study: Psychology

Although individuals may not believe it, a psychology degree can actually lead to a wide variety of interesting jobs. Much like any other degree, a degree in psychology will only provide as much as the student puts in to achieving it. As with other undergraduate and graduate degrees, psychology and social science students can pursue a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, or even a Doctorate in the field of their choice.

Psychology at its core is devoted to studying the mental functions and behaviors of animals and humans. The field of study has developed extensive off-shoots over the centuries and students seeking education in psychology will have many different focus areas to choose from while in pursuit of their degree. Some of psychology’s sub-fields include:

  • Biological Psychology: Focus on behavior and mental states, often with animals as subjects
  • Bio-psychosocial: Focus on the integration of consciousness, behavior, and social interaction
  • Clinical Psychology: Focus on the application of psychology in combating psychological disease and distress
  • Cognitive Psychology: Focus on the mental processes behind mental activity

Social Science on the other hand is a broader term compared to a degree in psychology that refers to numerous areas of study which is deemed to be aspects of human society working together. These fields of study include but are not limited to:

  • Anthropology
  • Archaeology
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • History

In some instances, psychology is considered to be a social science and the term is often used to refer to the study of sociology.

In the United States there is no undergraduate degree specifically labeled a Bachelor of Psychology or Bachelor of Social Science. Instead students attending an undergraduate institution will earn a Bachelor of Science degree with a focus in either psychology or social science. Students will be required to complete broad coursework consisting of a liberal arts curriculum in addition to more focused studies in either psychology or social science.

At the higher level of studies, there is the Master’s degree. Again, there isn’t really an option to obtain a Master of Psychology from any institution in the United States. Instead students will pursue a Master of Science degree with a focus in the field of psychology or social science they are interested in.