PhD in Education

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Educators face an unusual situation at present. It used to be that holding a job as a teacher in a public school was one of the most stable jobs available. Unlike businesses, where a fluctuating marketplace all too often leads to pink slips, public school teachers were virtually ensured a position as long as they wanted it, so long as they were competent.

The current recession has changed all that. From California to Georgia, and nearly everywhere in between, teachers and administrators in public schools are facing job cuts in record numbers. For educators who have been laid off, as well as for educators who want to hold onto their jobs, now is the perfect time to earn an advanced degree in education.

The highest degree available for most educators is the EdD, or Doctor of Education degree. Oftentimes, this degree is referred to casually as a PhD in education. Other PhD’s in education include PhD’s in education administration and other, related fields.

Earn a PhD in Education from Home

Thankfully, earning a PhD in education, or an EdD, is no longer a matter of driving from work, to a university, to home each day for years at a time. An education PhD today can be earned through distance learning from a number of reputable universities.

How Online PhD Programs in Education Work

EdD and PhD programs in education are offered by both traditional brick-and-mortar schools, as well as schools that specialize in online education. Each program is a little different, but most include a combination of online classwork, lectures, together with live, offline workshops and presentations based at a nearby campus.

The advantage of an online program is that it enables the professional educator to earn an education PhD without having to quit his or her job. In today’s crowded education job market, where hardly anyone wishes to risk leaving the job they already have, the ability to study without quitting a job is a huge advantage of distance learning.

How to Find an Online Education PhD Program

If earning an EdD or similar degree online is something that interests you, your first step should be to contact your state professional standards commission to find out which programs are recognized by your state. Although some schools may say they are an “accredited institution”, there are many different accreditation agencies, and not all of them are recognized as legitimate in every state. Speak to someone in your state’s department of education who can guide you towards distance learning programs with a good reputation.