Personal Trainer Degree

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A personal trainer works with clients to help them become their best with an exercise and fitness program. Even though you do not need an Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree to become a personal trainer, the more education you have in the field, the better able you will be to do your job and to help others. Many employers are now requiring their personal and fitness trainers to have some type of degree in fitness or other health-related areas. A personal trainer degree will give you the proper instruction and education to enable you to work effectively with your clients in the area of personal fitness and exercise.

What type of education is available if you decide that becoming a personal trainer is your career goal? You can choose from one of the options listed below.

  • Certification Program for Personal Trainers: You can become a certified personal trainer by taking a program through a specific organization that will certify you after your training have been completed. It may be a sports medicine facility (National Academy of Sports Medicine certification) or a fitness establishment (American Fitness Professionals and Associates certification). When you obtain instruction to become a personal trainer, you may want to choose an area that will be your specific focus, such as karate or yoga. Some personal trainers only work with a weightlifting program and will give instruction solely in this one area.
  • Associate’s Degree: This degree will help you to get a better paying job as a personal trainer as it indicates that you have had a certain amount of instruction in the field. If you are a high school graduate and would like to get into the personal training arena, an Associate’s Degree will certainly help you out. If you are already working as a personal trainer but do not have a degree, obtaining an Associate’s Degree will give you further instruction in the area of personal training and fitness. It will help you to strengthen the skills that you already have. Your courses will include anatomy, first aid, weight training, fitness and aerobics, among other courses.
  • Bachelor’s Degree: If you want to pursue your goal as a personal trainer on a higher level and obtain instruction in different areas of fitness and health-related topics, a Bachelor’s Degree will fine tune your skills. It will take four years for you to complete your degree, and you will learn about nutrition, fitness, anatomy, weight management and bio-mechanics.
  • Master’s Degree: You do not have to obtain a Master’s Degree to become a personal trainer, but it certainly will not hurt your career if you have one. You will learn more about the human body and how it works. You will also be instructed in the ways to create fitness programs that will meet the individual needs of your clients. Your coursework will include the evaluation of health programs, fitness programs for elder individuals, epidemiology, bio-statistics, sports psychology and kinesiology.

When you have achieved the personal trainer degree that interests you, there will be a number of job openings that will be available to you.

  • Professional Trainer to Athletes.
  • Coach.
  • Aerobics Instructor.
  • Youth Fitness Instructor.
  • Physical Education Teacher.
  • Athletic Director.
  • Health Club Instructor.
  • Fitness Instructor.
  • Strength Coach.
  • Fitness Club Manager.
  • Weight Loss Counselor.