Health Care Administration Degree

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If you want a fulfilling career in the health care industry, a health care administration degree will get you on the fast track to reaching your career goals. Working in administration can be a very satisfying career as you will have the responsibility of managing health care organizations and keeping them in top form for efficient operation of services. Medical personnel rely heavily on employees with leadership skills to keep each medical facility running smoothly. All aspects of administration need to be handled by someone with the appropriate skills and expertise, and there are many aspects involved in the operation of health care facilities. With a health care administration degree, you will learn about all of the responsibilities that make up the proper and smooth running of health care organizations, including financial, quality assurance, personnel and daily activities.

With a degree in health care administration, you will have the skills to manage facilities of all sizes, from a small private practice to a major city hospital. Your degree will give you the education that is needed for you to take on administrative responsibilities with confidence, as you will be well aware of what needs to be done and how to do it. A health care administration degree will enable you to get a position as one of the following:

  • Hospital Administrator.
  • Chief Executive Officer.
  • Department Director.
  • Chief Financial Officer.
  • Health Service Manager.
  • Clinical Manager.
  • Health Information Manager.
  • Home Health Care Administrator.

This is only a small sampling of the job opportunities that will be available to you with a health care administration degree. Even if you start out in an entry-level position, you will have ample chances to advance in your career.

If you are interested in becoming a leader in health care administration, you will need the proper education. There are many schools offering degrees in all aspects of health care, and there are online degrees available for those who have such busy schedules that being a full-time student would not be possible. Listed below are some of the degrees that you can obtain if you have decided that health care administration is your career choice.

  • Associate’s Degree: Graduates of this degree can obtain a job as a medical secretary or a medical records technician. If you have an Associate’s Degree in Health Administration, you may want to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree and increase your opportunities for advancing in your career. Coursework in an Associate’s program will include an introduction to health care administration, medical coding and terminology, physiology and anatomy of the human body.
  • Bachelor’s Degree: With a Bachelor’s Degree, you will have the knowledge to go into a managerial position in health care administration. You will be instructed on the proper techniques of management for medical facilities. Coursework will include an introduction to health care management and administration, community health care, managed care, human resources, leadership, marketing, drug abuse, epidemiology and health planning and research. A Bachelor’s Degree will enable you to work in a doctor’s office or hospital in a managerial and/or administrative position.