Automotive Engineering Degree

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An automotive engineering degree may be the perfect way for you to earn a living if you have a love of cars and a knack for working with them. With an automotive education, you can be designing autos in different ways and earning a good salary doing something enjoyable. You know that you will always be able to find work, because as long as there are cars, there will be individuals needed to design them.

What are some of the job responsibilities for an automotive engineer?

  • Works on improving existing designs for automobiles and auto parts, such as engines and transmissions.
  • Creates new designs for autos to make them more efficient.
  • Modifies auto designs for parts and equipment on production vehicles.
  • Performs tests on autos for safety, performance and efficiency measures.
  • Works with existing data to improve designs of motors, chassis, and other components of an automobile that involve mechanical and hydraulic functioning.
  • Works with others in building and modifying various equipment on autos.
  • Designs systems that will test vehicles for the best performance levels, safety measures and customer satisfaction.
  • Works on emissions to keep autos performing at an acceptable level.
  • Supervises teams of technicians and fellow engineers who are performing various tests on autos for ascertaining that all parts meet the proper specifications.
  • Inspects vehicles for performance, including test-driving them to ensure that they operate appropriately.
  • Develops machinery and systems for use in automobiles.
  • Works with various types of automotive materials to ascertain what materials will give the best performance.
  • Develops computerized design packages.
  • Builds and works with prototypes for different auto parts.
  • Uses software packages for performing a variety of tests on auto components.

It is very important to have qualified automotive engineers working on the vehicles that are used and relied on every day by so many individuals. Autos need to be designed efficiently so that they perform well and will give the owner years of high quality performance. Safety measures are also crucial in order to cut down on accidents, especially auto fatalities. And emission control is becoming increasingly urgent to protect the environment. If you have an interest in working with and designing vehicles and auto parts and feel that you would like to have a career in this area, an automotive engineering degree will provide you with the proper education.

There are three areas that will encompass the duties an automotive engineer will have.

  • Manufacturing. This area deals with the creating of autos and other types of vehicles, such as motorcycles and buses.
  • Designing. This aspect of engineering involves putting together a design for a vehicle and going through all of the necessary procedures that are needed to ascertain whether the vehicle is performing safely and optimally. The vehicle must also meet all required specifications and standards.
  • Developing. This area involves engineering the different aspects of the vehicle.