Business Law Degree

Find your next area of study: Business Law Degree

A business law degree will prepare students to work in the legal arena within the business community. As an area of study, business law looks at what laws and regulations influence the modern business environment. In this way, a business law degree is a versatile tool, equipping students for a wide range of professions and specialties.

Before pursuing a business law degree, consider the four following factors.

1. Degree level. It is possible to pursue a business law degree at multiple levels, including an associate degree, a bachelor degree, a masters degree, and a doctorate. When thinking about a business law degree, it is important to pick the right level. For those without much training or previous schooling, an associate or bachelor degree will be the most viable options, since both of these degrees can be started with a high school diploma. A masters degree and other advanced degrees can only be pursued by students who already hold a bachelor degree. Many such advanced degree tracks will also require students to have some relevant work experience before continuing their studies.

2. Schooling options. A business law degree can be obtained from a wide range of educational institutions, which makes it easy to find a school that fits any student’s preferences and needs. Most major universities, including state schools and private institutions, offer business law as an area of study, usually as a specialty within the overall school of business. Business law degrees may also be associated with law programs at some schools. When looking at these schooling possibilities, it is a good idea to consider the range of coursework available, as well as the student to teacher ratio in classes and other learning opportunities at the school. Some online schools also offer a business law degree, which can be a great option for students who wish to continue working or who do not want to relocate to earn their degree.