Computer Networking Degree

Find your next area of study: Computer Networking Degree

Computer networks are in every facet of our daily lives, whether we are at home or on the job. Networks are what keep everyone connected and what keep data transfers moving smoothly. For people interested in a networking career, the best place to begin is to get a computer networking degree. This degree teaches you how to design, implement and maintain the numerous networks that support companies and people around the world.

As with most jobs in the computer field, a computer network degree is specialized, meaning that you will need to choose one aspect of the networking field on which to base your studies.

To begin learning about the degree types available, here are some examples of a computer networking degree programs:

Bachelors Degree in Computer Networking
Networks support most modern businesses because they use that network to communicate both internally with employees and externally with partners and clients. The computers attached to these networks are always passing data through intricate local and global networks.

Within this degree area, a student can concentrate on numerous topics. Because networks are so crucial to modern business practices, any of these concentrations would be a smart choice. Be aware that the concentrations listed below are just a sample of the many available to students.

  • Computer network administration
  • Database creation
  • Analysis and problem solving

Achieving this type of computer networking degree will enable you to create, develop, program, maintain and install networks. These skills can lead you to a career as a database administrator, computer programmer or computer network administrator, just to name a few.

Bachelors Degree in Network Management

This degree teaches skills based on management and focuses on network design. In this area, examples of concentrations include:

  • HTML programming
  • Software programming
  • Website creation and design

With this degree, you can have a career as an IT department manager, computer engineer or help desk manager, among others.

Bachelors Degree in Network Administration

This degree focuses on implementing and maintaining program effectiveness and workability along with developing skills to identify and conquer potential and actual security threats.

Here are some examples of areas you can concentrate in:

  • eCommerce
  • Business principles
  • Network operating systems

With this degree, you could have a career at any business, institution or organization that depends on a network to perform daily operations. There are numerous job possibilities with this degree as every entity that uses a network needs people to keep everything running smoothly.

These three degrees are only examples of the various programs available. Computer networking degrees are offered at various levels of education — a bachelor’s degree is certainly not the only option. There are also options in terms of the format of the degree program. There are traditional degrees offered on-campus, as well as the newer, rapidly growing online degree option.