Associates Degree in Business

Find your next area of study: Associates Degree in Business

With the economy having gone through so many changes, you want the assurance of obtaining a good education so that you know your future will be secure, especially if you have a family. You want a job that will pay well, but you also want a career that you will find rewarding. An Associates in Business will get you off to a good start and help you to get ahead in whatever field of business you choose to pursue.

There are many areas of business that have opportunities for advancement and would provide a good career for anyone who is committed to the cause. Below is a partial list of some of the business fields providing ample options for rewarding jobs:

• Accounting
• Economics
• Real Estate
• Management
• Hotel Management
• Engineering
• Fashion
• Business Administration
• Human Resources
• Hospitality Management
• Marketing
• E-commerce
• Finance
• Risk Management
• Managing Operations
• Medical Office Management
• Business Communications
• Small Business Management

When choosing a field for your future career, you should consider an area of business that you know you will enjoy working in and will find challenging. Your career should center on that particular area of business that you can happily pursue with dedication and commitment. And if you have an aptitude for a certain field, it will work to your advantage. After all, it makes sense that you will enjoy something that comes easily to you.

Maybe you love working with numbers and would like to consider an Associate’s Degree that is focused on accounting. Your goal might be an Associate of Applied Science in Accounting, or an Associate of Science or Associate of Arts in Accounting. You will be educated in principles, theories, auditing, taxation and other financial aspects. After obtaining your Associates Degree in this field, you may be able to find a position in management or some other area of accounting that appeals to you.

If you find the medical field interesting but do not want to become a nurse, you may want to consider an Associate of Science in Medical Assisting. With this type of education, you will learn the basics in helping out in a medical office, including duties such as assisting the physician with patients, working with laboratory tests and keeping records on the computer system.

Each area of business branches out into other areas that provide ample fields from which to choose when deciding on your focus. If you are truly ambitious, you may even decide to obtain several Associates in Business Degrees. Or, after obtaining your Associates Degree, you might want to further your education by going on to a Bachelors Degree and even a Masters.