Find your next area of study: Associates

Associate degrees are undergraduate degrees which normally require 60 credit hours a semester to finish. For many individuals, it will take 2 years full-time of education to finish this degree.

The Advantages of Obtaining an Online Associates Degree

  • It saves money and time. When you obtain an associate degree in only two years it will mean you will pay a smaller tuition, meaning it will save you lots of money. It’ll additionally save some time since you will not attend school to go to the classes.
  • Increases your capacity to earn. Associate’s degree holders can make around 15% more than graduates of high school.
  • Prepares the student for technical jobs. Obtaining associate degrees can aid you in getting prepared for technical jobs like accounting, computer repair and medical assisting.
  • It’s more flexible than classic programs. Online Associate’s degree programs aid you in studying at your pace. You’re not needed to attend the classes at a certain time of day.
  • It lets you have school credits. Most associate’s degrees offer you credits once you make a decision to obtain a bachelor’s degree later within a college or university.

Four Kinds of Associate Degrees

Associate in Occupational Studies (AOS) – This type of degree is additionally called an “applied” degree program. It’s a vocation degree much like an Associate in Applied Science. It’s intended to get students ready to enter the workplace after graduation. This degree usually requires around sixty semester credits, the bigger portion of which is focused on the major. Associate in Occupational Studies degrees don’t transfer to programs which have bachelor’s degrees at universities and colleges.

Associate in Applied Science (AAS) – These degrees are intended for people who don’t plan to return back to their school upon graduating. They prepare students for job advancement or career entry and they require sixty semester credits. Most colleges accept Associate in Applied Science credits on a limited basis.

Associate of Arts (AA) – These degrees are intended to get students ready for university or 4-year college courses. They consist of sixty semester college-level credits.

Associate of Science (AS) – Just like the Associate of Arts degree, this type of degree is intended to get students ready for a university or 4-year college programs like programs with bachelor’s degrees that emphasize mathematics and science. It additionally consists of around sixty semester college-level credits.