Interior Design Degree

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If you enjoy home decorating and putting rooms together to create different styles, you may enjoy having a career in interior design. It can be an intriguing way to make a living, and you will be utilizing all of your creativity and imaginative ideas in designing beautiful rooms that are a welcome addition to any environment.

To get you started on the right path in your new career, you will need to obtain an interior design degree. There are a number of degrees available that will give you the appropriate instruction and enable you to put your creative talents to good use.

  • Associate Degree: You will be instructed on the proper way to put colors, styles and furniture together to create a pleasing look. This degree can be your start to a career in interior design. If you want to further your education, the next step would be a Bachelor Degree.
  • Bachelor of Science: A Bachelor Degree will help you to understand the connection between your clients and the rooms that you will be designing for them. This program will take four to five years to complete and will include two years of basic studies and two years of major studies. You will also be instructed in the history of design along with design theories. You will learn about resolving problems with various room designs. An introduction to lighting, textures and furniture layouts will all be covered in this program. The curriculum will include an Introduction to Design, the History of Design, Furniture Theory, Art History, Lighting and Drawing. With a Bachelor Degree, you will have sufficient knowledge to create beautifully designed rooms for homes and professional offices.
  • Master of Arts Degree: With the basic training that you will have through obtaining a Bachelor Degree, you will be able to further your knowledge and education with a Master of Arts in Interior Design. You will be instructed in Planning and Design Management, Virtual Design, using furniture as art, and Design Theory.
  • Doctor of Interior Design: With this degree, you will learn how to apply the most aesthetically pleasing design techniques to residential and professional environments to create the perfect atmosphere for your clients. A Doctoral Degree will prepare you for a leadership role in the field of interior design. Depending on where you attend classes, you may be able to have a customized program developed for you that will further enrich and enhance the knowledge you have already gleaned from your previous degrees.

With an interior design degree, you will have all of the skills and knowledge you need to obtain employment in the field. You may decide to do freelance work and hire yourself out for designing and decorating office buildings, doctors’ offices, restaurants, schools, department stores, boutiques, libraries and residential homes. You may find a position working with a firm that will need you to do all of their designing. Or you may want to start your career working as an assistant for an established designer in your area. In this way, you will have the opportunity to gain work experience and hone your skills for future endeavors.